This would perhaps explain the apparent lack of any noticeable improvements in Gears of War 4. Speaking to OXM, former creative director on Gears of War, Adrien Chmielarz, recently suggested that whilst people will claim that they want something different in a game, what they really want is more of the same.

“[Speaking of how he wanted boss battles to work in Gears of War Judgment] But I don’t know if my version was better. It was just different. People say they want innovation, but what they often really want is the same, just with a fresh wrapper. So maybe Epic was right to change Judgment to be more likes Gears 3.5. Who Knows?”

What do you make of Chmielarz’s comments? As gamers we are always looking for innovation and innovative new game mechanics, but are we happier to play with what we’re already familiar with only with minor incremental upgrades? Let me know your thoughts.

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