Rockstar has a great library of games that have given them enthusiastic and loyal fans for years. Some of these titles, however, have come with their fair share of controversy. One of these concerned a young boy who goes around and beats up on others who are less aggressive than him. This game was properly titled, Bully. Now everyone on Xbox One can take another crack at being the top dog on campus.

Thanks to the magic of backwards compatibility, Bully is now playable on the Xbox One. Dust off your old disc and take control of Jimmy Hopkins as he aims to climb the ranks at Bullworth Academy and take down the top gang in school. Bully is not the only game added to the Xbox One with backwards compatibility this week.

Also available now is Catherine, the psychological thriller that had critics raving about its use of cutscenes and storytelling, while proving to be a difficult challenge for even the toughest gamers. Like Bully, this game is also rated Mature and is not for the faint of heart. On the lighter side of things, Raskulls, a fun action platformer released in 2010, is also available on the Xbox One.

There are now more 360 games to play on your Xbox One than ever. We can’t wait to see this list grow even more.

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