Martin ‘Toddyftw’ Bergman posted on Reddit  we have ever seen. The mod, which recreates Grand Theft Auto V’s graphics, is still a work in progress.

The mod uses Reshade Shaders, ENB Series, and some ‘simple tweaks and tonemapping with class’. This allows Bergman to unlock the games full potential, creating a new level of diversity to a game everyone already thought looked pretty good.

According to Bergman’s FAQ (found on his Facebook) the mods still haven’t been released for testing yet, and he will be releasing as ‘soon as he feels hes ready’. The mod will also take quite a powerful computer.

How will it run on my computer?
– The mod will take 10-30 FPS. But i will do a shit setup build as well. I got a Asus ROG G751JY and have a 10 FPS less with the mod.

The mod itself shows just how beautiful, and how powerful, our graphics can be – compared to what they actually are. Although developers want to keep it accessible to the general public, only when we begin to push the specs will people continue to buy new computers.


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