Good old Games is a reliable website if you are looking to play something from your childhood. And this week, they haven’t disappointed with the release of Grandia II Anniversary Edition. The remastered version of Grandia II features gameplay directly from the Dreamcast, just all new and shiny.

Grandia II released 15 years ago in Japan, and quickly made its way over to other regions. Although the Dreamcast was not a high seller by any means, Grandia has still developed quite the following.

For this week only you can get 25% off the game, bringing it down to only 15, from its usual 20. Whether you have played Grandia II in the past, or you’re completely new to the idea of whatever a Dreamcast is, you’ll be sure to enjoy the game if you pick it up.

Oh, and for those that still have your Dreamcast saves lying around – they work with the PC version.

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