GTA V’s creator, Rockstar Games, is continuing to offer online players the ability to earn twice the rewards as normal. This week’s challenge is The Pacific Standard Job.

If you haven’t played it already, you better start learning the ropes now as this only lasts until the 9th. This heist requires players to prepare for and carry out a bank heist for a cash prize of $1,250,000 before bonuses. To execute this heist, you must set up a transponder, steal a hacking van, hijack a Merryweather convoy, “borrow” some motorbikes, rob the bank, and get away alive. Sounds simple right?

Lucky for you, there are other ways to gain bonus RP as well. The other ways you can gain double RP are as follows. For Deathmatch, you must place in top three or run over and kill an enemy using a vehicle. For missions, you must obtain the “Not Losing Any Lives” bonus. In races there are many more ways. You can either get a clean lap, get the fastest lap, be first for an entire lap, get into first place, overtake a player five times, overtake a player ten times, or slipstream for five seconds. In survival, you need an enemy kill or a vehicle destruction. Finally, Stunt Jumps and Simeon Car Export Requests pay double as well.

In addition to these bonuses, Rockstar plans to discount GTA V online during the week via their FacebookTwitter and Instagram. If you don’t have GTA V, get it before these bonus events end!


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