GameInformer recently confirmed after going hands-on with Guitar Hero Live that the new music game will only host 10 fictional bands; fictional bands being the group of people you play with on screen. What will this mean in terms of repetition?

For a start, it means that you won’t be seeing many different faces react to your music as you play. Hopefully, each band of actors will have recorded a multitude of clips else these gigs could grow tiresome (how real musicians cope with going on tour with the same faces I don’t know).

Thankfully the game will feature another mode aptly named Guitar Hero Live – a sort of music streaming service that allows players to play a plethora of songs with the actual music video showing in the background. This is probably the mode we’ll be sticking with as we can’t bare to face the inevitable humiliation of performing all of the riffs wildly wrong and being given abuse for it. If we wanted that we’d go and attempt to play music in real life.

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