When first announced, Guitar Hero Live differentiated itself from previous iterations with it’s sole focus on guitar. GH Live has no support for drum or bass parts, just two guitars, but developer FreeStyleGames have now revealed the game will include vocals.

In the trailer below, FreeStyle show off how singing works in the game. Plug in a microphone (presumably any device compatible one) and the familiar Guitar Hero/Rock Band vocal highway appears. Check out the video for more detail (vocals are featured around 3:30).

Vocals will be scored individually, adding a level of competition to the cooperative music experience. Only two people are shown playing in the video, so it’s unclear if an additional two can join for four player local co-op.

The developer haven’t specified which modes support vocals, so whether or not you can sing your way through the games’ first person campaign is unknown. Guitar Hero TV, the game’s on-demand music service, also hasn’t been confirmed to support vocals, but the singer and guitarist in the video seem to be playing in that mode.

Guitar Hero Live launches for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and mobile devices on October 20th.

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