User dpuza over at imgur posted last week a few images and statements about the Steam game Journey of the Light. The game is a strategic puzzle, in which you have to turn all lights off. If you start with the wrong lamp, certain lamps will come back on again. It seems like it would be an interesting puzzle game, and quite a feat to go through all 8 levels. Except there aren’t 8 levels. There is only one.

In the imgur post, the player force started all of the levels directly from the folder, and they were all level one. The only person to have ”completed” the first three levels is the developer, who also is upset about Steam’s refund policy, and is offering hints to the game in trading cards. That is all swell and such, except you can only earn trading cards after two hours of playtime, and you can no longer refund a game past those two hours.

There was an update on Steam today, August 5th, with a message from the developer. The comments are pretty heated.

This announcement is ment to clarify the case of the “Missing Levels” 

Although it seems that it doesn´t even matter what i say, here is still my announcement: 

I have now rolled back the game and i will be testing the levels. 
I´m not going to defense myself, since that will not help. 
I made an mistake with builds, and i am truly sorry about that. 
Nothing more i can do about this. 

I tried to be friendly and kind for you all. 
I do understand that you feel betrayed, and you are angry. 
I have tried to fix it, but all the damage has been already done. 
I am not a scammer. All i wanted is to create a new kind of gaming experience for all of you. 

No need to give me the imgur link, i have seen it few hundred times already.

He also refuses to provide any proof of beating the first three levels.

The game itself has some very nice artwork to it, and would totally be great if it were fully finished and actually has what is promised inside the game. Hopefully the developer steps up and puts in what is said to be found in the game.

Journey of the Light is available on Steam for cheap, and is currently sitting on a mere 23% positive ratings, most of which are sarcastic.

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