Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of gaming’s most icon series, and one that can’t be drawn comparison too, according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

When asked if Mafia 3 should be compared to GTA V (which has sold over 54 million copies), Zelnick replied, “Mafia 3 is a completely different experience, I wouldn’t compare it to anything else out there. The game’s reveal was great, but it stands alone.” He added, “We don’t use any other game in the same sentence as Grand Theft Auto, it’s the industry’s standard-bearer. It’s not up for comparison.”


Zelnick also confirmed that Take-Two’s two main studios, Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto) and 2K Games (Mafia) do not share their technology.

“We’re blessed that we have two distinct labels at this company,” Zelnick said. “We do not have a tech-sharing environment. We’re a very congenial company, but we don’t think that’s the best way to get the best out of our development folks. It’s not the way it works around here.”

Mafia 3 will release sometime after April 2016.

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