It’s hard to believe that Metal Gear Solid 5 releases in just a few weeks. The massive game is set to launch on September 1, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it yet. To remedy that, Konami recently revealed new information on how important game systems would work and how online and microtransactions will be implemented.

Gamespot held a an exclusive Q&A on Twitter in which those curious about the upcoming game could ask various questions that the developer would then touch on. The full Q&A can be found via either Gamespot’s or Metal Gear’s official Twitter accounts. A comprehensive summary on some of the most interesting answers, however, can be found below.

When asked about whether or not a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription was needed, the developers said that “to play online, you’ll need to have PS Plus subscription for PS4 and Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One/Xbox 360. This includes Forward Operating Bases and Metal Gear Online. Additionally, FOBs can be developed and your base defenses can be customized while you’re offline.”

After being asked about microtransactions, it was revealed that they could be used to speed up development of bases. Though you cannot fight alongside a friend to defend his or her base, the player can fight in their stead to help them out. More to do with bases, it was revealed that while the player cannot fully design how they want the bases to look, they do get to decide how the defenses are put in place and to what degree a platform is covered. As for what players can expect to do on Mother Base, they can interact with Diamond Dogs, take showers, train, and more that we can all find out about when the game ships.

Metal Gear Solid 5’s PC version was also recently revealed to be coming earlier than expected on September 1st due to positive tester reactions. For more on Kojima’s Metal Gear swan song, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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