Metal Gear Solid V GamescomAt Gamescom the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain  trailer and gameplay trailer was displayed. The trailer showed some new enemies, cut scenes, and lots of blood. On the other hand, the gameplay trailer explored how Venom Snake (AKA Big Boss) can make use of Mother Base.

The trailer of Metal Gear Solid V showed off it’s massive and beautiful open world. Snake made use his night vision goggles to take out his foes. One of Snake’s new enemy bosses is some dude that is on fire, which is pretty dangerous.

MGS V fireFans of the series may notice Mother Base looks similar to the Big Shell in Metal Gear Solid 2. They are both orange, (although the color of mother base can be changed), have similar guardrails and the buildings share a hexagonal shape. The structures are also linked together by bridges.Metal Gear Solid 2The gameplay trailer revealed many fun and interesting features. You can see your soldiers at Mother Base, and depending on your actions, they will have various reactions to you or your smell. As you capture enemies or gain volunteers, your staff will increase. When no space is available for more recruits, it is time to expand your base. Recruits allow you to research more weapons, vehicles, items, and more. The more people you have the better stuff you can research.

Metal Gear Solid V Mother BaseWhile viewing your Mother Base you will see the structures undergoing construction if they aren’t completed. Specialized buildings can be created and assigned to certain staff members. This will allow the staff members to utilize the field they specialize in. The player has a lot of freedom with where they can place their structures. The colors of the structures can also be altered to the player’s preference. This will make each player’s base look unique.

There appears to be at least four main types of structures at Mother Base such, Command Platform, R & D Platform, Base Development Platform, Support Platform.

The R & D Platform allows for your recruits to development new weapons.

The Combat Unit Platform allows you to dispatch your forces on assignments. On the completion of an assignment you will receive a reward for their success. These forces can fail at their tasks, causing them to either be injured or die. Some completed assignments allow Big Boss to have an easier time with certain missions.

The Support Platform will support snake by sending him various care packages containing weapons, ammo, or vehicles.  Snake can also be supported by diversions, cover fire, airstrikes, and more.

Players can choose not to play as Snake, and instead play as one of the combat soldier. Some soldiers have various abilities and stats, making it appealing to play as one in certain situations.

The AI and other players can attack your FOB (Forward Operating Base) and attempt to steal your resources. However, this remains to be an optional feature for players. In order to avoid this situation, simply avoid building an FOB.

Konami displayed of how the FOB system of Metal Gear Solid V will work. One player will have to defend their base while the other (or AI) invades it. Since every player’s base will be unique in some way, it will grant a great amount of replay value.

I trust that Metal Gear Solid V will be one of the best games of the year. The trailers revealed at Gamescom further supports my belief.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, Ps3, and PC on September 1st.

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