heroes of the storm three new heroesEarlier this week, Heroes of the Storm players were given a huge content announcement; three new heroes and a new map will be coming our way soon.

While Blizzard has been teasing us for a while over Diablo III’s monk character, we now have full confirmation that Kharazim will be a mobile melee character with a customizable kit. He can either focus on melee power with Iron Fists, focus on lifesteal with Transcendence, or a mild mix of both with a focus on mana regeneration called Insight. His varied playstyles will definitely make him a formidable character to play as.

The second character comes from World of Warcraft: Rexxar, the first non-melee warrior of the game. Accompanied by his bear companion Misha, the two are treated as individual units. If Misha dies, Rexxar can revive her by sacrificing some of his strength. As well, Misha can act as a tank and stun enemies in a given area. His heroics are enemy-seeking boars that slow the heroes down and one that gives Misha more damage output.

Lastly is Artanis, a Starcraft hero that we currently know the least about. Other than being an upcoming hero in the game and being a hard-hitting melee warrior with dual wrist blades, his abilities and stats are unknown at the present time. If you pre-order Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, you’ll also be able to unlock Artanis as soon as he is released. Legacy of the Void will be released later this year, although no set release date has been mentioned.

Hero of the Storm’s latest map is another Diablo-themed map titled Infernal Shrines. The map is a 3-lane shrine conquest map. Players will fight to take control of three shrines. Activating a shrine will spawn NPC enemies. Kill enough of them and a boss fight will ensue. The boss will either have mortar, arcane, or frozen powers and will help heroes push the closest lane to the shrine.

Hopefully some more details will be revealed when Blizzard hosts their Gamescom conference tomorrow, August 7th, at 9 A.M. PDT.  We’ll be posting more details once we’ve heard more about these new heroes.


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