Project Spark, originally released in October of 2014 for the Xbox One, 360, and PC, will be receiving a brand new chunk of DLC as well as a $50 version that contains all the DLC.

Simply titled Project Spark: Year One Edition, the edition will feature all paid assets and DLC packs released thus far on the Project Spark storefront. Alongside that, it will also give players 3 months of Project Spark Premium, which is a subscription service that gives Project Spark owners more upload spots as well as double XP and in-game credits.

You can purchase Year One Edition of Project Spark right now, alongside 5 new free DLC packs, which contain a total of 50 props, costumes, and characters to create with.

If players have logged in over 150 hours into Project Spark, have had their creations downloaded more then 10,000 times, or spent more then $40 in the Project Spark storefront, they will receive 3 months of Project Spark Premium for free.


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