Rainbow Mika is inducted into the Street Fighter V roster as PlayStation Blog and Capcom reveals her return to the franchse in the newest game. R. Mika is a veteran that hails from her first and only game: Street Fighter Alpha 3. Her costume seems to not have changed from her original back in SFA3 for the most part, keeping the color scheme but changing very minute details.

Her fighting style is that of a grappler wrestle. Heck you can see a Stone Cold Stunner in the footage. Along with her wrestling style, she has enlisted the assistance of her tag partner from the lore ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’. Using both of these assets, she’s shown to be a formidable opponent in a match.

According to the blog, her V-Skill is called “Mic Performance” – this move will make her bring out her microphone and hype up the crowd in order to get a strength boost for her regular and command throws. She can bolster the strength buy holding down the button for longer. Obviously she would be vulnerable, however, she receives a free block for one hit similar to Street Fighter 4’s focus mechanic. She can also cancel out of her V-Skill by letting go which prompts her to toss out her mic at the opponent.

Her V-Trigger is called “Nadeshiko”, it is the ability to call in her tag team partner for an assist. Depending on the direction held when activated, Yamato will come in and do 3 different actions. At neutral, she does an aerial body splash on the opponent. Held away from the opponent will prompt Yamato to dropkick from in front of the opponent and held towards will make Yamato dropkick from behind. This will certainly allow her to play mind games on the opponent and keep them on their toes in order to not eat a devastating ultra from Mika!

Interestingly, with R. Mika making her return, the rumor over at Siliconera opens up the possibility and murmurs of Karin, Alex and Urien’s return to the Street Fighter lime light. It would be fantastic to see Karin again especially with the love that Street Fighter Alpha 3 has been getting with R. Mika and Birdie. Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, the SFV beta is in full swing so give that a go!

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