A few sorely missed features will be returning to the Call of Duty franchise with Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

Among the most prevalent is the game mode Demolition. Removed after the community began abusing the fixed spawn location for free kills, it will be nice to see how Treyarch overcomes this with the return of this mode.

Less popular, though still quite useful is a Player Count that will let you know how many players are available on a server. It was an odd retraction on Sledgehammer Games’ part with Advanced Warfare, as it means the difference between sitting in a game lobby for hours, or just a few seconds. Regardless, for the statistician in all of us, it is a welcome addition.

Finally, a more controversial return is the use of Unlock Tokens. While still technically just a rumor, its widely supported that a new “personalize” option in the recent trailers hints at the previous entries’ temporary gain system.

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