Hackers are a known cause of trouble in a lot of games like DayZ, Minecraft and H1Z1, so having hackers in Facepunch Studio’s Rust is no surprise.

The survival game, created by Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman, has been home to many a hacker. It’s not a great feeling joining a server, spending an entire real day scavenging for resources, building a base and fending off others or raiding them only to have your entire base blown up by someone  pulling a Mary Poppins and flying over your house with a grenade launcher.

Rust has taken to Twitter with the handle @rusthackreport where you can tweet them the Steam profile name of a user suspected of hacking and they will, if need be, announce their bannedship via Twitter.

Among all of the things that Rust may have gotten wrong in the past (ie: completely moving on from Legacy Rust and creating an entirely new version of the game, forsaking the thousands of hours someone may or may not have put into the game when she first bought it, only to start anew), this is something that looks helpful. It’s nice to see that they take punishments seriously when it comes to hackers.

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