SPOILERS for Until Dawn are found below!

Death is a common sight while playing Until Dawn, and one death scene in particular has been censored in the game’s Japanese release.

YouTube channel Censored Gaming uploaded a video to their channel comparing how a scene involving a saw slicing a body in half has been edited for Until Dawn in Japan. Check out the video for yourself below to see how the censored scene plays out. If you haven’t played the game yet, you may not want to watch.

The PS4 exclusive is rated ‘M for Mature’ for blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong language. All of the above appear plenty through the game, so additional censorship in the game could very well be possible.

Until Dawn launched on August 25 for PlayStation 4. Check out all the news on the horror game below.

Let us know all your thoughts on Until Dawn below if you’ve be playing. Check back soon for our review on the game!

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