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Backers of Cloud Imperium Games highly anticipated and long awaited space simulator Star Citizen got a surprise today as the company sent out emails stating “Star Citizen 1.2 Released” following reports of “doom and gloom” on various parts of the internet.

In the announcement, the company states the Social Module is now available after being tested in the “Public Test Universe for the last several days”. The module is the first basic component of Star Citizen‘s persistent universe allowing players to “select from any of half a dozen character configurations and explore the first of many planetary landing zones – ArcCorp’s Area 18 – with up to 24 other players. You can communicate with other players via a chat system, and express yourself via a variety of different emotes. An augmented reality display system allows you to view additional information about various objects in the environment, including the names of other players. A number of retail shops can be inspected, although they’re not yet open for business.”

The main post goes into fairly extensive detail at what the module currently does and what it opens the game up to in the future so it would be a good idea for any interested parties to read it thoroughly.

The update also features more in depth signature readings which is explained in even more detail in the post “Design Notes: Electronic Warfare“. Basically it explains in-game features such as active and passive scanning; infrared, electromagnetic, cross-section and unique signatures; as well as offense-based and defense-based electronic warfare. In the article the devs state how these are some of the building blocks for the Arena Commander module, “Players can alter their ship’s signature by adjusting its mounted components (Propulsion, External Hardpoints, and Internal Hardpoints) and the activities they are engaged in.” They go on to state, “The player will never be able to reach a zero emission signature while the ship is powered on, but, by carefully adjusting (and choosing) the components, they can reach increasing levels of stealth.”

To top it off, the devs have also released an update on Star Marine, the FPS portion of the game that was previously delayed due to multiple issues, and a new ship called the Vanguard which now has three variants: the Vanguard Warden, Vanguard Harbinger and the Vanguard Sentinel. Each can be purchased from the company website.

Of course, a game is only as good as it plays and we’ll have more to say as soon as we finish downloading the hefty update and give a thorough testing of “Star Citizen 1.2″.

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