star-versus-nintendo-nesFor most consoles, if it’s been seen as obsolete, developers will begin to stop developing games for the system. The NES has managed to defy the status quo by having a new title released for the system this year. Titled Star Versus, the game is labeled as a “brand new 8-bit competitive shooter for the NES,” with features such as four playable ships, four different maps, and an 8-bit style aesthetics and sound quality.

If you plan on buying Star Versus, do know two things: it won’t work on NES knockoffs such as the Retron 5, and it is only available as an NTSC cartridge. Other than those two stipulations, the game is guaranteed to work and even comes with a box and instruction manual.

Star Versus is labeled as a competitive shooter, but also has a single-player campaign  to try out. If you’re still hesitant on buying a new game for a 20 year old console, check out their trailer below. Have you tried out Star Versus? Let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

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