Valve’s famous PC gaming store Steam has hit a huge milestone this week. As of now, there are 6,000 games on the distributor’s shop page. Just a year ago, it was only at 2,300.

As noted by NeoGaf forum user Zeyphersan, this does not count any games that have been delisted. That means that there are 6,000 titles that you can purchase this very moment with only the click of a mouse and a whole lot of debt.

To put this in perspective, EA’s store, Origin, is only at just over 500 games. CD Projekt Red, developers of The Witcher, also have a DRM-free shop: GOG. GOG contains over 1,200 games at the moment.

As far as users go, Steam is at 125 million—25 million of which was gained during a six month period. This large growth period is a good sign for the welfare of the company.


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