Day four of the main event demonstrated that every team at Seattle is capable of challenging for the title.  There are no easy games at this stage of the tournament, and day four saw two huge elimination matches between Secret and Virtus Pro as well as MVP Phoenix and Vici Gaming.

The first series of the day was Team Secret facing off against Virtus Pro.  With Secret being favourites to win the tournament, it was expected that they would be able to see off VP.  However VP were able to tie the series 1-1.  The final game was a tense affair, but VP looked dominant throughout and were eventually able to push down Secret’s defenses with a Drow Visage combo.  Expectations will be raised immensely after such a performance from Virtus Pro.

On top of this major upset from VP, Vici were able to 2-0 MVP Phoenix.  Phoenix qualified for TI5 through the wildcard, but unfortunately have not been able to progress past the top eight.  This victory means that Vici continue their unbeaten streak through the main event.  After all was said and done with the brackets, it was time for the All-Stars match, which surprisingly did not disappoint.  Valve decided to include ten random audience members to take part in the game alongside the ten pros in a 10 v 10 match.

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