Hi-rez Studios announced that they will once again offer support for their free-to-play fps, Tribes: Ascend. The announcement came from CEO Erez Goren on his Twitter account.

In his latest tweet, Goren states that  “Tribes will be getting a new map and some other small changes as well as continuing support. PTS in about two weeks if all goes well.” While it’s unclear what continuing support means, its safe to assume that Tribes will be getting some new patches to fix bugs and balance issues. More information should be revealed shortly since the release date is just two weeks away.

While its great to see Tribes getting some much needed support, it raises questions on why the company is going back to their old game. Goren tweeted, “With the success of Smite and Paladins, we have more resources than ever in the Studio. We can now afford to go back and improve older game.” It seems that Tribes: Ascend was less profitable than expected and couldn’t afford continual updates. However, now that Hi-rez has extra resources from recent titles, they can go back and make Tribes into the game they always imagined.

You can find all the recent updates at Goren’s Twitter @BlueOrc.

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