There are tons of rumors spreading around about the next iPhone. Many about its updated screen, camera, and processor. All we know for sure at this point is that it will be revealed to the public in September. Whether or not the source wanted to conceal their identity in order to protect themselves is a mystery, but Apple doesn’t seem too worried about it. The more buzz this phone gets, the more likely it will be that people will buy it.

The unknown source told Buzzfeed News that the phone is slated to be revealed the week of September 7, although they specified that September 9 is most likely to be the date, since that is when Apple did a reveal event last year. Either way, speculations have been flying around that the reveal event will be based around the iPhone 6s. Although Apple has not confirmed not denied any information about when a reveal event will take place, we can expect something new and more powerful from them soon. Some fans of the device have predicted that due to the previous reveal strategies of the Apple corporation will lay groundwork for a slim form factor next-gen device with many updates as compared to the previous iPhone 6, greatly improving on some of its flaws. Some of which include a pressure-sensitive display, a more power-efficient wireless chip, and better camera functionality. This coincides with rumors that an equally updated iPad and Apple TV will be revealed as well.

On July 15, Apple released an updated and more practical version of the iPod Touch that can run as well as their other devices. Apple included a faster processor, a motion sensor, an a better camera, as well as an A8 chip which supports better gaming quality for mobile devices. This may appeal to some gamers who are stranded without a system and are left to their own devices (pun intended) and wish to play games with better graphics and functionality, as we all do.

Hopefully, Apple will at least tease their customers with an image or commercial that takes some attention away from the Apple Watch, but I digress. Keep a phone in your pocket and keep your eyes and ears open for whatever phone works best for your lifestyle. Apple can run with the rest of the mobile devices; maybe not in terms of looks or its functions, but its practicality and ease of use have made it a staple for smartphone users for a long time, and many years to come.

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