The Street Fighter V train keeps on rolling and franchise familiar character Vega returns. Much like a lot of the newly revealed old characters, he has brought a slightly new look. A flamboyant white shirt with some amazing frills. The claws and mask make a return, and there’s a new mechanic regarding his claw. In Street Fighter IV, Vega would drop his claw and mask and lose a huge amount of damage and armor potential. Street Fighter V instead has him putting away his claw and fighting barehanded, however it allows Vega to utilize an entirely different moveset. Capcom calls these two states of Vega ‘forms’; where the familiar speedy slasher Vega is claw equipped Vega and bare handed utilizes some new moves including a new command grab.

The claw can be knocked out just like in prior iterations of Street Fighter. The change however is that once the claw is knocked off, it can no longer be picked up through the duration of the match, making it imperative that Vega mainers get accustomed to clawless variant Vega.

Further, the post on Capcom Unity talks about his V-Skill and V-Trigger. The V-Skill is called Matador Turn where Vega will dodge and can then follow up with a counter or pull back. The V-Trigger is called Bloody Kiss where he throws a rose at the opponent; upon contact, Vega will charge and slash his foe. This adds a fast cross-up and rush down into his repertoire. Something that Vega can definitely use alongside his other abilities.

Street Fighter V is to be released in March 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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