It’s been a long time coming but world of Warcraft is finally going to get a playable Demon Hunter class. Since the first time Illidan Stormrage bellowed “You are not prepared!” in the Burning Crusade expansion players have called out for the ability to play as a character like him. Blizzard have responded by adding the Demon Hunter as the new hero class in Warcraft: Legion, announced at Gamescom.

Just like the Deathknights in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Demon Hunters will start at high level so they can go straight into the current content. They will begin with their own storyline that begins around the same time as the Burning Crusade when Illidan himself sent his Demon Hunters, the Illidari, on a crucial mission. After the events of this mission Demon Hunters will find themselves being awoken 10 years later, in our present, by the Wardens in the Vault of the Wardens who call upon them to help in the fight against the legion.

Character customization seems to be pretty varied, with an array of different horn styles to choose from and different tattoo patterns to choose from, both of which will remain prevelant as a lot of the Demon Hunter armour is designed to show off those choices. Take a look at some pictures here.



As for specs, there will be 2. The DPS spec is called Havoc and the tanking spec is called Vengeance. A healing spec wasn’t considered to fit with the fantasy of being a Demon Hunter.

Another crowd pleaser was the announcement that the Demon Hunters will be the first class in game to have a double jump ability, allowing them to reach areas that other classes can’t get to, I’m sure there will be plenty of situations where this is going to crop up in the expansion, presuming flying will again be a no go.

So what do you think? Have you been waiting for years to roll around as a Demon Hunter or will you be sticking with a different class? Or does the new expansion just not grab you at all? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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