At Gamescom, Square Enix revealed a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, titled ‘Dawn’, which gives us a look at what is prequel footage to the main story in the game, taking place 15 years before.

Take a look below:

We see a young Lunafreya being attacked by an armored assailant, the main protagonist Noctis asleep in his father’s arms and the whimper of Regis, who says, ‘I will be with you… Always.’

With the tease of background information on the characters, you’d think they’d also put a release date for the game, but alas, no such luck, other than 2016.

Despite not being present at E3, Square Enix showed this new gameplay footage for Final Fantasy XV during their conference at Gamescom.

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at some point next year. In March, Square Enix released a couple of demos, the first titled ‘Episode Duscae’ alongside ‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’. Based on the feedback from fans, they’ve since updated the original demo and put out ‘Episode Duscae 2.0’.


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