Blizzard took to the stage at Gamescom 2015 today to announce the latest expansion in the world of Warcraft saga. World of Warcraft: Legion is the next part in the story and it’s set to be the largest demonic invasion of Azeroth to date. Packed with a tonne of new features this certainly appears to be an expansion that has listened to a lot of concerns voiced by players on the forums.

Firstly the level cap moves up another 10 levels to 110 and players will quest towards that new cap on a brand new continent, The Broken Isles. The once home of druids and night elves serves as the backdrop to the story and we’ll be seeing plenty of references to those in the bones of the landscape. Players will begin the new expansion by founding new class halls, these are areas specific to each class and will not only serve as the headquarters for the revised follower system but will also be the home of class specific quest lines and the path to gaining a class specific artifact weapon. Artifact weapons are unique to each class and have the ability to evolve through a talent system and also have unlockable skins and appearances. Some examples of these are Ashbringer for Paladins and Doomhammer for the Shaman amongst us. There is a complete overhaul on the honour system as well. Currency based honour will be a thing of the past and a style of generating honour will be more familiar to those who have played Call of Duty as it is a Prestige system. The crowd pleaser for the reveal was of course the announcement of the new playable hero class, the Demon Hunter. A class that players, myself included, have been screaming out for since we first saw Illidan Stormrage wielding his warglaives.

Over the next day or two I’ll be going into more details about the specifics for each of the new announcements so stay tuned to Gamespresso to keep up to date, but for now, sit back and enjoy the reveal trailer from Gamescom 2015!

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