Xbox One boss Phil Spencer has been out and talking about the future of Microsoft’s Xbox again, saying that they’re coming up with some ‘real great, unique ideas.’ In an interview with Polygon, Spencer stated that their strategy has to ‘move beyond fixing things’ and although he expects some people not to like where Microsoft is going with the Xbox One, he seems confident that majority of their user base will be impressed.

‘This is where you’ve got to come up with some real great, unique ideas… There’ll be certain people who’ll throw eggs at certain parts of it and people embrace other parts of it. But I’m really happy around the foundation that we’ve been able to put in place over the last whatever it’s been, 15, 16 months.’

Since Spencer took over as Xbox Boss in 2014, and really inherited the mess of the Xbox One in it’s broken glory, he’s managed to bring the console back from E3 purgatory to the potential it originally had. Now, when you look at the Xbox One sales (which are still behind the PS4, somehow) and hear the Xbox games line up, you can at least appreciate that Microsoft have turned their focus back to gaming.

And it’s not going to stop there.

Expect to associate Xbox One and gaming with Windows, because that’s the ultimate goal for Microsoft.

‘OK, the foundation is in place, now let’s go surprise and delight people in some ways that aren’t just fixing some backward looking things.’

2015 brings with it the plans for convergence, using the Xbox One to stream to your PC using Windows 10, essentially sowing the gaming seeds for Microsoft in the upcoming years. This tease of something new and unique looks like a phase three, which will probably happen at some point in 2016.

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