Microsoft announced earlier this year that a new cross-buy feature for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs was on the way. It was believed that cross-buy would work similarly to the PlayStation consoles. It seems that is not the case.

Microsoft has confirmed that cross-buy for Xbox One/PC will be limited to in-game items and DLC. The company also stated that all cross-buy plans will be based on a game-by-game basis. A Microsoft spokesperson stated to Kotaku: “Cross-buy for games like ‘Fable Legends’ and ‘Gigantic’ refers to in-game purchases and downloadable content that can be accessed whether you are playing on Xbox One or Windows 10.”

“As we bring more titles to Windows 10 and Xbox One and enable rich cross-device scenarios, we will continue to listen to our fans and evaluate what’s best for each individual game.”

This announcement comes soon after the release of Windows 10. Along with the cross-buy capabilities, Windows 10 allows gamers to stream their Xbox One games on their PCs. The Xbox One/PC cross-buy feature was announced in March at the Games Developers Conference. It is made possible through Microsoft’s Windows Universal App Platform.

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