Xbox One is receiving a new update that will make some of the system functionality work up to 50 percent faster, according to Xbox engineering boss Mike Ybarra.

Ybarra gave more details about the previously detailed “New Xbox One Experience” update on the latest episode of Major Nelson Radio, Larry Hyrb’s (Major Nelson, Director of Programming at Xbox Live) podcast that gives in-depth insight into Xbox’s inner workings.

Ybarra stated that executing tasks on the “New Xbox One Experience” (which is open to specific testers) was significantly faster when compared to the execution load times on the 360 and Xbox One. He vaguely states that “popular gaming features” will load up to 50 percent faster without explaining what these are, but overall said fans can expect a “new level of speed and responsiveness” on the consoles.

The New Xbox One Experience is the upcoming dashboard update available to everyone come November, bringing a whole slew of changes to the Xbox One. This of course includes the initial roster of backwards compatible games as well as redesigned Home and Guide and a new Community section of the Xbox One Dashboard.

In other news, Ybarra discussed the upcoming integration of Windows 10 with the console. Microsoft is purportedly creating a highly customised version of the operating system built ground-up for the Xbox One, called OneCore. This is because, as he said, it’s “not as simple as you might think.” However, this does fill us with hope as this means we won’t just be getting a shoddy port of the software retrofitted for consoles but a specific version purpose-built for our Microsoft machines.

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