On the one-year anniversary of the release date for the Sims 4, EA Maxis released an infographic depicting some interesting stats from the first year of the game. One of those stats was the fact that 93 million Sims had been created over the course of the year, which equals the population of Canada, Sweden, and Spain combined.

The total amount of gameplay equaled about 27,900 years worth, or as EA Maxis showed “846,000 years in Sim years. Other interesting stats include 27.5 million marriages and 1.7 million divorces to go along with it. This equates to a “6% Divorce rate, 34% lower than the US average”. 5 million Sims died and 184,000 Sims can blame their deaths on Cow Plants.

In a blog post from EA Maxis GM Rachel Franklin that followed the infographic, Franklin said, “Again I can’t tell you enough how much we at Maxis appreciate your support for the Sims 4 . . . The Sims 4 is going to keep getting bigger and better every month, and we love having you along with us on this journey”.

2015 is also the 15th anniversary for the Sims franchise. Check out the full Sims 4 infographic here.

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