Is strictly playing Rocket League not enough for you anymore?

Never fear, as developer Psyonix has revealed in an interview that discussions regarding a possible Rocket League TV show or movie have been in the works.

“We’ve had discussions with various people and studios in Hollywood about making movies based on Rocket League, or a TV show,” Psyonix VP of marketing and communications Jeremy Dunham said.

Dunham noted that nothing has become official at the time of the interview, stating that many companies interested in the idea have “a lot of questions” regarding how it would function. He noted that it could even go as far as a Rocket League toy line.

“Now we are getting to the point where the people who want to work with us are much much more famous,” Dunham said. “It’s crazy. The meetings that I have with new companies who I didn’t realize were Rocket League players–it blows my mind. They’re still playing the game and are still interested in it. It makes us almost speechless, we’re wondering when it’s going to end.”

Rocket League was released in July for PS4 and PC were it experienced great success thanks to being available for free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers.


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