Streamer SethBling loves Super Mario World. Or at least, he loves doing what most people can’t do on Super Mario World.

Over a year ago SethBling became the first person to successfully complete a “Credits Warp” on the SNES version of Super Mario World. Each try only took around 5 minutes, but it wasn’t an easy task.

The Credits Warp allows a user to complete the game without actually beating Bowser. By setting up the console’s memory in a specific way, glitches like Credits Warp is possible on the SNES. Just very, very, hard to pull off.

SethBling has outdone himself this time, with a recent 2 hours stream turning Super Mario World into Flappy Bird. The whole video can be seen on his Twitch archive, and a short explanation on his YouTube channel.

The Code Injection was done in a little under an hour(53 minutes), and had no special equipment attached to the SNES. Unless you consider extra controllers were taped down buttons to be cheating, SethBling has once again done the unimaginable on Super Mario World.

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