Yesterday was a big day for Destiny players as Bungie released Update 2.0 which made significant changes to the player experience and laid major groundwork for Destiny in Year 2. It also unlocked new Taken King Crucible modes that can be played for the entire week leading up to the expansion’s launch on Sept. 15th.

For the update, Xbox 360 systems required 10GB of space and PS3 systems required 20GB of space during installation and 10GB after installation. Sure, it’s not as much as the estimated 60GB of space the PS4 and Xbox One systems require, but for players who only have a 20GB system, that can make it unplayable. Activision is aware of the issue and has created a support page to help players who have run out of space.

Activision’s first suggestion is to upgrade the console’s hard drive. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3’s hard drives are fairly easy to upgrade and are getting more affordable every year. Activision’s second suggestion is to upgrade the actual console and pick up a PS4 or Xbox One. All progress made on previous generation consoles would transfer over to the current generation, but only for the same family, i.e. Sony or Microsoft.

Not everyone can afford to purchase a new hard drive or a new system just to keep playing a game they already bought so Gamespot is reporting that Activision mailed one of Gamespot’s readers a 32GB USB drive to help alleviate the space issue. Currently, Destiny can only work if all of the data is saved to the internal drive, but Activision said they are working on a patch to save game data onto external devices.

This service is only available to people who are active Destiny players before The Taken King releases on Sept 15. Activision posted to their site, “If you are validated as an existing and active Destiny player on one of the 20GB consoles as of September 15, 2015, and you submit your validation requirements to us no later than December 31, 2015, we will assist you in finding the right solution for your console’s storage space.”

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