BecomeTheGamer is a new site that attempts to help players improve their ability to draft in Dota 2.  The site is up and running but is in beta, so some there are limited features.  Currently the site only provides its basic drafting option.  Because Dota 2 requires so much knowledge of the heroes and mechanics of the game, a tool like this can be extremely helpful for both new and veteran players.

The developers spoke about the website saying “currently beta testing hero advantages and it’s going great especially with the feedback we’re getting. Aside from this we’re trying to foster a community of learning through our Facebook group and twitter by posting links to Hero discussions, gameplay videos, popular hero builds, etc. We really want to work with the community to build resources that people find helpful.”

BecomeTheGamer was set up by passionate Dota 2 fans who wanted to help the community.  Their website allows you to sign up for the beta, as well as provide feedback to the developers.  They are also active on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging the community to discuss different heroes and strategies.

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