Danganronpa 3Danganronpa 3 was announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

Spike Chunsoft revealed their new Danganronpa 3 trailer at the Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference. The game will be available for both the PS4 and the PS Vita. This will be the first time that a Danganronpa game will be available to home consoles, not including the Playstation TV.

The new installment will actually be the 4th Danganronpa title. The most recent game is called Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Ultra Despair Girls takes place between the first and second game. For the review of that game click on the link here.

In the trailer all of the kumas/bears are present in the place of the new characters. I think it would be awesome and crazy to see a Danganronpa game solely consisting of the kumas.

The trailer doesn’t say much except for the fact the game will be available for PS4 and PS Vita. The Developer of the series promised that the new installment will “something you will never imagine.”

If you are unaware of what the game series is about, read about them below the video.

The main Danganronpa games are visual novels that require the heavy use of your brain. The games are about teenagers/students that have been trapped within a location. They are completely isolated from the outside world. An evil and dangerous mechanical bear, Monokuma, shortly appears, and attempts to coerce the teenagers into killing one another. Monokuma does this by telling the students, the killer will be able to escape. The killer will be allowed to leave; as long as, he or she commits the crime without being caught. If the murderer isn’t caught, all the other students will be killed by Monokuma.

Monokuma will give the teenagers incentives to further manipulate them. One example of an incentive is a lot of money. The incentives become more and more interesting as the game progresses.

Every student is given an e-handbook that says who it belongs to. The e-handbook will allow you to keep track of your level, abilities, and proof (truth bullets). It will be helpful in keeping track of your friendship levels with students, and the gifts for them. Upgrading your friendships to the max level will grant you very helpful skills.

After 3 people discover a corpse, Monokuma will alert all the students of the murder. Information involving the cause of death will be available in the e-handbook. Then the investigation segment will begin. Once all the clues are found, the class trial may begin.

The class trial may begin with students already suspecting an individual already, so you must find contradictions that negate their suspicions. This can be done with evidence you have gathered during the investigation. All of the evidence obtained will become a truth bullets. To use a truth bullet, you must aim and shoot the yellow text. Sometimes the other students’ words will block the yellow text, so you must shoot those down with a different button.

One part of the trial is the non-stop debate. During the non-stop debate the characters will discuss the murder, and other details pertaining to it. During the non-stop debate you may use one of several available bullets to break apart someone’s statement. You may also absorb someone else’s statement, and turn it into a one time shot truth bullet. This is just one part of several in the class trial.

Once the murder has been discovered, they will be executed. As the story goes on, you learn more and more about classmates and the outside world.

Needless to say these games are very interesting and fun. I strongly recommend anyone to give the game a try.

Danganronpa trial


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