Months later, Techland are still poking fun at Destiny for the game’s Red Bull exclusive quest, announcing rewards for their “Drink for DLC” campaign.

Techland, in response to Bungie announcing that players that purchased a Red Bull energy drink would get an exclusive quest in Destiny, have announced rewards for their Drink for DLC campaign. The campaign was launched with the below image, encouraging players to drink water, instead of Red Bull.


One would naturally assume that Techland may only be joking about their campaign, but the rewards for Drink for DLC have now been revealed by the developer. According to a post of Twitter, the Fountain of Youth quest is now available in Dying Light, as well as a blueprint for water balloons.

This new content may be part of the new wave of DLC content that Techland recently announced for Dying Light. The first was released last month, called The Following, and introduced an entirely new area for players, as well as vehicles for the first time.

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