From the makers of Endless Legends, Amplitude Studio is offering unique community unlocks for their upcoming game, Endless Space 2. Endless Space 2 is a 4x strategy game that lets players explore galaxies and build an armada of spaceships.

You can spread the hype by inviting your friends to Amplitude Studio’s newsletter. Players who invite 10 or more friends gain an exclusive supporter badge as well as 500 G2G points. Your points can be used to vote on in-game changes during updates. The more points you have, the more your vote counts. This is Amplitude’s way of encouraging their community to provide feedback on what kind of content they want in Endless Space 2.

Furthermore, community unlocks will be granted to players who helped spread the hype. Community unlocks are determined by how many points the community can collect. You can track the progress on Amplitude’s Endless Space 2 website. Right now players sign-up and help will get a collection of HD wallpapers, artwork, logos, and screenshots.


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