In March of this year the PlayStation 4 was launched in China. Sony has not ben happy with the amount of sales the PS4 has been able to garner since then.

In an interview at the Tokyo Game Show, Andrew House, the PlayStation boss, stated that the censorship rules in China have been hurting the potential sales of the PS4 in China. House said to Reuters, “We are still challenged somewhat with a censorship regime that we have to work with.”

House still sees huge potential in the Chinese market, despite the PlayStation 4’s slow start in the country. China has a growing middle-class and a population of 1.35 billion people, and many consider China to potentially have the largest video game market in the world.

China’s censorship rules do not permit anything that promotes drug use or violence, and the Shanghai government must approve all games. Back in September of 2014 Microsoft launched the Xbox One in China and have sold around 100,000 units since then.

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