Fallout 4 is uncensored so far.

This information was revealed on Fallout 4‘s Facebook page. It was further discussed on a German site called PC Games. You can use Google to translate the webpage. The game will be uncut in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Fallout 3 and FalloutNew Vegas were both censored, so the news is a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, it will continue to remain uncensored.

Bethesda’s marketing executive Peter Hines stated that so far no country has censored the game. He went on to say that even countries with a history of censorship left the game as it is. The countries Peter is referring to are both Austria and Germany.

Fallout 4 will be released October 10th 2015. If the video game continues to go uncensored, the title can be experienced as the developers intended. I think that’s a pretty exciting thought. Even after the games release, players will still have to wait for Bethesda’s upcoming dlc for Fall Out 4. For information on the season pass click here.


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