Fallout fans, specifically Fallout: New Vegas, were a little disappointed to see the lack of traits in Fallout 4.  But thanks to a user named Cirosan, through nexusmods, it is now possible.

Added on January 22, this mod will allow players to put traits to their Bostonian survivor, which include detriments as well as advantages. The mod is called “Traits and More Perks” , inspired by previous Fallout titles, namely Fallout: New Vegas.  However, some of the additives in this mod are original creations from Cirosan themselves.  The traits in this mod are acquired through accessing the Chemistry Station.  The items created through the Station are then expended in order to gain said trait.  Additionally, the traits themselves are not permanent to the player.  And yes, they can be accessed in the middle of an existing save game.  In fact, they cannot be acquired upon character creation.  They need to be accessed through the Chemistry Station.

Fallout 4 Traits and Perks

Is this a trait or a warning?

“You can go straight back to third-person mode right after you’ve used the item,” says Cirosan, in regards to the not-so-permenent traits. “Look under the “Utility” recipes, and find the item listed as “[Remove All Perks]” or “[Remove All Traits]”, depending on which you want to get rid of.”

But don’t worry about any of the perks from the game itself. Those won’t go anywhere even if you want to remove the modded ones.

Cirosan stated in a Q&A that he will also work on other languages for the mod so even more people can enjoy the perks and traits for Fallout 4.

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