Players have reported of a weapon bug within Gears of War Ultimate Edition, pertaining to the Gnasher shotgun, that changes the consistency of the weapon’s damage.

The bug with the weapon supposedly changes the consistency of the damage that it deals out, and is not limited to just online play, as it has been shown to affect split-screen matches too. A community manager for The Coalition stated on Twitter that the company would be hard at work to remedy the issue in the next patch.

The Coalition also has its hands full with several other bugs within Gears of War Ultimate Edition, as it has also been reported that there are issues with the online leaderboards, and a lag online that affects the response time of the L-trigger.

“Once we know what will be fixed we will release patch notes” The Coalition stated on its own website. “There is no set time frame for the patch yet but we hope to get it out as quickly as possible.”

Gears of War Ultimate Edition was released last month, and is the remaster of the original Gears of War game first released back in 2006. Gamespresso gave the game a 4/5, the review of  which you can find here.

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