Grow Home was released earlier this month as a free download for PlayStation Plus members. Ubisoft has now announced that the game is the publisher’s fastest-downloaded game on a PlayStation console ever.

Grow Home, developed by a small at team at Ubisoft Reflections, reached 1.5 million downloads in its first week. “We are thrilled that BUD has found a new home in the PS4 community,” producer Pete Young stated. “Grow Home was a great opportunity for our team to experiment and develop new technology and have fun at the same time.”

Grow Home has players explore colorful floating islands as BUD, or Botanical Utility Droid. BUD has been sent to find new plant species that he can harvest in order to save his home planet. The game released earlier this year on PC, and has received a positive reception.

Grow Home is available on PC and PlayStation 4. The game is free on the PlayStation 4 for PlayStation Plus members.

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