Every MOBA is known for its toxic community. With Heroes of the Storm, it just seems to be getting worse, in both Quick Match and Ranked.

But how do you employ enough people to deal with all of the toxic players in the continuously growing game? You set up an auto silence feature.

According to Dustin Browder, one of the lead developers for Heroes of the Storm, if you report a player enough times they’ll be silenced automatically.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThe community has already spoken out to say that the system could be abused, but Browder was quick to dismiss that and say that if you feel you’ve been unfairly silenced you can appeal and they’ll check the chat logs. So far, no one has appealed that didn’t deserve it.


Browder also mentioned how they’ve been thinking about adding in a feature to let yo know if users on your team are muted.


Recently Heroes of the Storm announced their silencing system, which will start out at 24 hours and double each time after. If you continue to misbehave and act toxic towards other players, you’ll find yourself silenced for a very, very long time.

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