In such a short time frame, leading up to the grand release of Street Fighter 5, Karin the prophesied makes her snobby debut into the game with the trailer above. Another returning character who made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 with R. Mika and Birdie; but she’s looking much more grown up than before. Karin Kanzuki, the daughter of a global conglomerate with access to limitless fortunes and resources returns with her unique ‘Kanzuki’ style of fighting. Garbed with a more mature and regal uniform, she brings with her a potent quick high low in fighting style of combat.

Karin’s V-Skill is called Meioken. It is a quick palm strike that can neutralize projectiles and if it happens to connect on the supple flesh of another fighter, they’ll be knocked down. This skill can be charged to increase potency in damage, knockback potential and projectile dissipation. This skill is a great way to build up her V-Trigger along with her assortment of moves.

The V-Trigger is called Kanzuki-Ryu Guren no Kata. When activated, Karin taps into her inner chi to awaken her latent powers. This new buffed mode gives Karin an ability called Guren Ken attack which when it used, can be transitioned to over a dozen different follow up attacks that range from a overhead, low, high strike, back dash, throws and basically anything Karin can dish out in order to control the flow of the fight and trick her opponent.

The rumored leak gets yet another point in consistency as Karin’s reveal gives some credibility. Sources over at Siliconera have also confirmed the arrival of Urien and Alex, both of which are still very plausible. It’ll be fantastic to have Alex come back and win his right to be the main character of a game after being robbed in Third Strike.

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