We already knew that a couple of big names were involved with the development of the now cancelled title Silent Hills. Now, it has been revealed that one more well known artist was helping work on the project.

On Twitter, Guillermo del Toro, who was working on Silent Hills alongside Hideo Kojima, revealed that another well known name was helping on the project: Junji Ito. “Junji Ito, undisputed master of horror in Japan (along with Hino and Tsubaki) and our collaborator in Silent Hill (s),” del Toro had stated in a massage, which was accompanied by the creepy image seen below. He followed up with an another image and the words “Kojima and myself are fans.”

Ito’s work includes titles Uzumaki, a series about a town’s obsession with spirals that turns them into snails, and Gyo, which is about fish who walk on metal legs powered by a “death stench.” His work touches on the theme of body horror. Knowing that he was involved in Silent Hills can make the fact that the project was cancelled sting even harder.


Silent Hills was first announced in 2014. The game was unveiled through a playable teaser (P.T.) on the PlayStation 4. The title was cancelled in April, and P.T. was completely removed from the PlayStation Store in May.

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