Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have released an interactive VR experience for iOS and Android which simulates what it’s like to be Rico, flying through the islands of Medici.

Using your phone, along with an optional cardboard goggle case for added authenticity, the app allows you to feel the rush of flying through the world of Just Cause 3 in the webbed squirrel suit. Over 10TB of data was collected in order to bring players a full 360 degree view of the environment.

“In order to show the world of Just Cause 3 in 360 degrees, in-game, we’ve captured over 10 TB of high resolution data to bring you this experience. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the most explosive sandbox ever made, ahead of the game’s release this December,” detailed Ron Bakker, head of the app creating company Mindlight.

Just Cause 3: Wingsuit Tour is available now for free on both iOS and Android.

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