Earlier this month Amplitude Studios released their latest expansion for Endless Legends titled, Endless Legends Shadows. The expansion brings a brand-new faction called the Forgotten. It also features a new espionage system that allows users to spy and assassinate unaware targets. The use of camouflage and stealth systems brings a whole lot more to the table.

“Espionage is something we have been dreaming about doing in Endless Legend for some time now,” said Romain de Waubert de Genlis. “We tackled the subject in a new way that will reinforce paranoia, test nerves and put players on edge.”

The full feature list for Endless Legends Shadows:

  • A new major faction, The Forgotten, experts in the new espionage skills.
  • New invisible units, with the new Camouflage and Stealth capabilities.
  • Infiltrate rival empires to steal, capture, sabotage and assassinate.
  • Pillage villages, extractors and watchtowers to slow your enemy’s progression.
  • Heroes can be equipped with Scope accessories to give them espionage abilities.
  • Players can defend themselves with new counter espionage and the new Detection capacity.

Endless Legends Shadows is available for $12.99 on Steam. The original game was released on September 2014 for the PC and Mac.

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