Creator for the Gears of War franchise, Cliff Bleszinski, is considering bringing his latest project Lawbreakers to the consoles.

The free to play game will be published by Nexon America in time for 2016. The gravity based shooter was played by Xbox’s Phil Spencer, and Playstation’s Adam Boyes. both have praised the game publicly. Bleszinski does have a meeting planned with both of the heads, to see if bringing LawBreakers over is possible.

The developer Bleszinski is currently working with, Boss Key, will have to find another studio to do the ports if they choose to move to the consoles. At its current state, Boss Key only employs about 40 people. Not enough to port a game like LawBreakers to the consoles.

LawBreakers developers were recently at Pax Prime. The futuristic gravity based shooter will be Free to Play.

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