Bloodborne-The-Old-Hunters-ExpansionAnnounced at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Bloodborne will be releasing its one and only expansion before the team focuses entirely on Dark Souls III. Interviewed by Gamespot, Masaaki Yamagiwa, the series producer shed light on what we can expect from the expansion.

When asked about what was shown in the trailer, Yamagiwa mentioned that it only showcased a small section of the three areas that would be added to the game. He also promises that what was shown is still be tweaked, so it wouldn’t be the exact same thing. This was to ensure that the game becomes harder. This includes the boss which hasn’t been finalized yet.

Yamagiwa also states that the DLC would be accessible without beating the main game. However, it will not be accessible when you start a fresh new game and you will need to progress through the story up to a certain point. This links up to the advised difficulty level of the DLC content. The difficulty is said to be on par with the latter part of the game. It was also noted that the point in which the DLC is unlocked in the storyline leaves the hunter somewhat underpowered and while shouldn’t be undertaken at the instant it is unlocked, it does provide a rewarding challenge for players who choose to follow that side quest.

Finally the game is said to contain 10-15 brand new weapons for both left and right hands as well as brand new armor sets for the ‘fashionborne’ aficionados. These were also shown in the demo/trailer.

To close, Masaaki was asked about the lore and secrets that were so cleverly woven into Bloodborne and if the DLC will have the same level of depth. He went on to say that the fan base has been spot on and extremely clever in delving into the lore to such a feverish depth. He had teased that the game still had secrets within the main game that still haven’t been touched yet and that the DLC will add more rather than solve some of these mysterious secrets.

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